Let Him Be Your Deliverer

Today I read the story in Exodus 14 where the Israelites were finally leaving Egypt and the oppressive rule of Pharaoh. But if you’re familiar with the story you know that after the Israelites left, Pharaoh changed his mind and he and his army take off after them. And so the Israelites find themselves betweenContinue reading “Let Him Be Your Deliverer”

Do You Love Jesus More Than Anything?

This week, I once again read a scripture that changed my life years ago. It’s the story of the rich young ruler found in Matthew 19:16-22. If you aren’t familiar with the story, this rich young ruler approaches Jesus and asks Him what he must do to receive eternal life. Jesus responds by telling himContinue reading “Do You Love Jesus More Than Anything?”

Approaching People With Love and Humility

This past week, I drove down to my parent’s house in Eugene. It’s a nice little drive that takes me through some beautiful farming country here in Oregon. As I was driving, I was actually praying about my devotion for this week. Then on a yard sign in front of one of the houses wasContinue reading “Approaching People With Love and Humility”

Embracing the Opportunities: Take Two

If you read my blog last week, you know that I was able to get away for a week and spend some time with the Lord seeking vision and direction for our church. These times away are always so amazing and life-giving. The only hard part about these times is coming back and playing catch-up.Continue reading “Embracing the Opportunities: Take Two”

Embracing the Opportunities Set Before Us

This week I’m away, spending some time praying and seeking to hear the Lord for our church. It’s something I do every year but, with COVID and all the craziness of this year, I am doing it much later than normal. It’s a time that I try to be very focused and take advantage ofContinue reading “Embracing the Opportunities Set Before Us”