Helping the One

This week was a busy week for me. I recently learned of an older gentleman from my church who had the place he was staying burn down. In the fire, he lost pretty much everything he owned including his glasses, his dentures, and his Bible. So I spent a good portion of this week making phone calls, setting up appointments and doing everything I could to help him get these essentials replaced.

Years ago I read a quote from Andy Stanley that said, “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.” The truth is, as a pastor I’m still only one person and I can’t put the kind of time I put in this week with everyone in my church. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Thankfully we have an amazing group of people in our church who volunteer and help us take care of stuff like this on a regular basis. But it’s interesting because there are those specific times when God tells me to do for the one what I wish I could do for all.

We may not have the capacity to help the masses, but we do have the capacity to help the one. Who is the one in your life that God is calling you to reach out to? I know for me that one has changed at times. Different seasons have brought different people that God has called me to love on and take extra time with. My encouragement for all of us is that we keep our heart and eyes open to see those that God has put in front of us to love and care for in the way we wish we could love and care for everyone. We each are only one person and we may not be able to help everyone, but we can help the one!

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