What Do You Think Jesus Thinks?

Two weeks ago my wife spoke at church and shared a very raw and authentic message that I know was impactful for many people. In her message she was vulnerable and honest about taking on an offense that wasn’t hers to take on.

It was a great reminder that all of us fall short at times. We all make mistakes and can easily get caught up in the emotions that entangle us. This is why it’s important that we walk in humility and seek to identify those areas in our lives where our vision may be skewed.

One of the questions Stacy talked about that helped her see things more clearly, was the question: What do you think Jesus thinks? It’s an interesting and challenging question. I think many of us would desire for God to be proud of us and for Him to support the decisions we make. But have we actually taken time to pray and ask Him?

1 Corinthians 10:31 talks about doing all things for the glory of the Lord. But how often do we ask ourselves these kinds of questions: What does Jesus think? Is what I’m doing glorifying Him? Is this really what He would have me do? Is this how He would have me respond?

How often are the decisions we make based on our own thoughts or desires? Are we taking time to think through our decisions and seeking to truly glorify God in all that we do? I know these are challenging questions, but I believe if we want to truly glorify God in all that we do and live the lives He’s calling us to live, we have to be asking these questions. And, more importantly, we need to be honest with ourselves about the answers.

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