Speaking Love and Life to Others

Every week I take about 30-45 minutes for what I call margin time. It’s a time where I go for a walk or a hike with the sole purpose of clearing my head and casting all my cares upon the Lord. I generally do it before I sit down and begin to type out my message for that week.

This week, I was walking through our city park on a beautiful fall morning. It was a little cool, but the warmth of the sun made it absolutely perfect. I sat down on a bench there in the morning sun and closed my eyes and listened to the sounds that surrounded me. I heard the sounds of the creek, the squirrels and a handful of birds.

There were two distinct bird sounds there in the area. One was a squawking sound that was quite a bit louder, while the other was more of a chirping or a song like a melody. Needless to say, the bird with a song to sing was much more pleasant.

As I sat there listening intently, I wondered: “Which one of these am I?” When I open my mouth, do others hear squawking or a song? And I’m not talking about singing ability, because I know I’m more of a squawker in that case.

I’m talking about how people hear and receive the words I speak. Am I a squawker that is constantly and loudly spouting out negativity and words that may be hurtful or annoying? Or am I one who speaks life and love in the words that come from my mouth?

Now, I honestly know I’ve been both, but my desire is to be someone who speaks life. Proverbs 18:21 tells us, “The tongue has the power of life and death.” The words we say make a difference.

We live in a world that is constantly looking for the negative in everything, but I want to be someone who looks for the positive and who speaks encouragement to others. I don’t want to be the squawker. I want to be a person who speaks love and life to those that God puts in my path.

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