What’s Our Narrative?

For the month of May, my wife and I have been going through something called “30 Days to Resilient”. It’s part of the One Minute Pause app that was developed and made available by author John Eldridge. And one of the things it talks about is our narrative. What is the narrative that we believe about our lives? What are the things that we believe to be true?

Do we believe that God is the creator of all things? Do we believe that He loves us? Do we believe that He has a good plan for our lives? We talk about it at church and we read it in the Bible, but when we step back and look at our lives, do we live life in a way that says, “Yes, I believe these things to be true!”?

Our narrative—the story that we believe—will drive the way we think and live. So it’s important to take time to stop and process what we actually believe. And I think it’s important to then acknowledge what we believe and even speak it out loud as a statement. 

One of the exercises in “30 Days to Resilient” is to write out and declare what you know to be true about God and about yourself. These are some of the things that I wrote:

Lord, You are Love and You love me unconditionally.

Lord, You are compassionate and you care for me deeply.

Lord, You are all-knowing and you know me personally and intimately.

Lord, You are the provider and You faithfully provide for me.

Lord, You are gracious and your grace covers my sin and failures.

You are God and in You I am made complete.

What do you know to be true about the Lord and your relationship with Him? What is your narrative? I encourage you to take some time to process these questions and maybe even write them out. Then declare them to the Lord and let His truth wash over you.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” -John 14:6

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