What’s My Motivation?

In Acts 8, we see the story of Simon the sorcerer. In this passage, Simon apparently believed the gospel and had been baptized, but it’s obvious he didn’t get it. He wanted what the disciples had, he wanted to be able to lay hands on people and see them receive the Holy Spirit. But why? 

We see Peter call him out in this chapter and realize he desired these things for all the wrong reasons. He wanted the power for himself, to make himself look good. His motives were all wrong. The question is: Am I any different? Why do I seek the things I seek? Why do I do the things I do? Is it for me? Is it to make me look good? 

The Bible tells us that all things were created by God, for God. I think many of us believe that first part, but often forget or leave out the second part. We like things to be for us. It’s hard for us to face the fact that this world doesn’t revolve around us. So, the question is: Am I living my life with this truth in mind? Am I living my life for God or am I living it for myself? What’s my motivation? 

The more I look at our world, the more I see the desire for self. It’s all about our wants and desires and our motives are all out of whack. I want my motivation to be pure. I want to be someone who truly seeks the power of the Holy Spirit to bring glory to God as opposed to bringing glory to myself. I want to come to a point where I can honestly say everything I’m about and all that I do is motivated by my love for Christ and nothing else.

Lord, search my heart, know my ways. Show me any of my motives that are wrong and help me to make them right. May I always seek to glorify You over self.

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