Understanding Our Value

I was recently talking to someone about the current housing market. It totally blows my mind what houses are selling for these days. I don’t understand the varied prices people are willing to pay for houses, vehicles, and different types of collectibles. Something might be worth one amount to one person, but to another person it could be worth a lot more. The value really is dependent on what someone is willing to pay.
It’s crazy to think about the true value of something. I’ve heard it said that the value of something is really based off two things: First, what someone is willing to pay for it; and secondly, who owned it in the past.
I have an old family friend who used to restore old Chevelles. He would fix them up and sell them at this big auction down in Arizona. I remember one time, when I was in high school, Reggie Jackson bought one of his cars. (For those of you who don’t know, Reggie Jackson is a Hall of Fame baseball player who played for the Yankees in the 70’s and 80’s.) 
I thought it was so cool that Reggie Jackson bought his car. The crazy thing is, Reggie turned around and sold that same car in the auction the next day for almost double what he paid for it. What made this car so much more valuable in a single day? It was the fact that it had now been “owned” by Reggie Jackson.
So, as we think about this idea of what makes something valuable, how does that affect our value? Think about it: How much was someone willing to pay for us and who’s name is stamped on our life? 1 Corinthians 7:23 tells us: “You have been bought and paid for by Christ, so you belong to him…” (TLB)
We have been bought and paid for by Christ! And that price was huge. He paid the highest price anyone could ever pay: He paid with His life. And He did this so that we could once again be His—we belong to Him. We belong to the King. This makes us more valuable than anything else in this world. I know at times we can look at our lives and fail to see our own value, but Jesus sees our value. And His unconditional love for each of us is what gives us that value.
Lord, help us to understand our value and seek to live our lives in a way that brings glory to You.

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